What makes us special:

Custom sound libraries- not "off the shelf" but true instrument libraries that are not available at any store

Custom mastering software- Only 3 of us in the entire world have this piece of software that makes sure whatever you hear in the studio is EXACTLY what you hear on your CD!

World Class DAW's & A/D D/A converters- We use our ears, not magazine reviews or "this rap guy has one". If a piece of gear removes sound quality or doesn't add something musically useful, it doesn't end up here!

Acoustially "dead" room- While everyone would like a studio that costs $100 per cubed foot just for acoustics, we built a room that has NO TONE. This allows for greater microphone selection, better isolation with drums, and several different ways to mix a particular instrument or voice.

Great microphone collection- Again, we use our ears. There are $10,000 microphones that you "got to have" but that doesn't mean it is right for YOUR voice. Imagine tracking with 4 microphones and using the best one for the verse and another one just for the chorus!

Internet- Okay, you think you got that one covered?
1) Business-class cable internet
2) Quality of Service traffic conditioner
3) Wireless access point
4) 24 point, 8 point & gigabit switch with EVERTHING networked- dozens of computers and hard drives
5) Fully contollable internet camera with 2 way audio communication
6) Password protected client file server
7) Real-time audio streaming from 96.1FM or live studio feed
8) Printer server for access to CD printer, laser or inkjet from any computer
9) Full web hosting
10) Phone patch for auditioning mixes and live call-ins during 96.1FM broadcast

Un-"sexy" gear- The expensive stuff no one ever buys. Unless of course, they want everything to sound and run perfectly.

Credits- Yeah, honest-to-goodness credits.

Racks of expensive gear- Those reverbs built into DAW's are okay, but will they ever compare to "outboard" reverbs? Especially ones that cost as much as a car?

No pressure- Need I say more?